My Favourite CDs of 2013.

Hello people of the internet! This is the first of my ‘2013 favourites.’ These CDs aren’t necessarily from these year they are just records that I have had on non stop! So, here is my favourite CDs of last year….in no particular order:
– Save Rock and Roll, Fall Out Boy
-Alter Bridge, AB III
– Panic! At The Disco, To Rare To Live, To Young To Die
-Slash, Slash
-Biffy Clyro- Opposites
-Deaf Havana, Old Souls
-Thirty Seconds To Mars, Up In The Air
-Nine Inch Nails, [With_Teeth]
-Foals, Holy Fire
-Green Day, Uno!
-(Although it isn’t in the picture) Shinedown, Amaryllis.


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