Alter Bridge, Shinedown, Halestorm

Hello people of the internet! Last night i went to one of the best concerts i have ever been to. It was at the Hydro in Glasgow to see Alter Bridge (who were headlining), Shinedown (it was my second time seeing them) and Halestorm. The gig was sooooo awesome. We arrived a little late but we managed to see the last 2 of Halestorm’s songs and luckily enough those 2 where the only ones i knew. Then Shinedown came on and they are probably my favourite band, so i really enjoyed their set. When they did their cover of lynyrd skynyrd’s ‘Simple Man’ i had goosebumps! They got the whole audience singing and it was spectacular. That song is definatelly my favourite song….of all time!  After all that excitement Alter Bridge came on. Wow. They where brilliant. Alter Bridge are one of those unique bands that sound exactly the same on their records as they do live and although they didnt do my favourite song by them their set was equally as amazing!!! The guitar solos by Mark Tremonti are simple incredible. During Watch Over You a bee even tried to sting Myles Kennedy!!! Great night overall and an amazing atmosphere.


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