My September Favourite’s.

Hello people of the internet! I have been very busy lately with a number of different things so I haven’t been able to post as frequently as I would like to. So for just now I’m going to do a ‘September favourites.’
First on my favourites list is the nail polish that has constantly been on my nails for the past 3 weeks. It is such a pretty royal blue colour but best of all it is so shiny!! Again this product is by Rimmel London, their nail polishes are one of my favourites. The name of the nail Polish is ‘midnight skinny dip’ and it is number 843. This costs about £3 and you can get it from any beauty shop in the UK. Sorry if you are from outside of the UK but I am not sure where you would get this product.

Secondly my favourite purchase of September has been my boots. They are beautiful. I had went to the shops to look for a sort of Chelsea boot and when I saw these boots in river island I just fell in love. They are so pretty and actually very comfy. They have a small heel on them as well so if you are on the shorter side like me then they are perfect for you. These boots cost around £45 but they are worth every penny!

Next on the list is my favourite lip products. They are the baby lips by maybeline. Honestly, these are the best lip balms I have ever tried. Not only do they keep your lips moist but they also come is such pretty colours and they taste amazing! I have the punch, cherry and non-coloured ones. They are £2.99 each but in Superdrug just now you can get two for a fiver. I would definitely recommend buying these.

Finally on my favourites list is my favourite perfume. It is the purple number 4 fragrance by Ralph Lauren. I bought this when I was in America during the summer but I have only started using it now because I wanted to finish my other perfumes first. This perfume is so nice and it is quite unique. I haven’t really smelled anything like it before. I got this perfume with a purple Essie nail polish and a body spray that smells similar to the fragrance itself. I bought this set from Dillard’s and it cost me $25. I would definitely recommend you buy this if you are looking for a new perfume.


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