My August favourites!

August has been a hectic month of last minute shopping for school supplies etc and I finally have done all my homework so I have some spare time so i am going to share 4 of my favourite necessities of August.
Number one is the sharpie gel highlighters that I bought in wallmart over in America. When I bought them i didn’t realise that they where gel and then when I opened them at home I was so fascinated in them! When they are put on paper they kind of feel like crayon, I prefer them to normal highlighters because they don’t smudge your writing. I don’t know if they sell them in Britain but I would recommend them to people that like to highlight a lot of their work. You get them in a pack of three; yellow, pink and orange. They where around $4.00.

Number two is three of the Rimmel London Apocalips Lipglosses; Big Bang ( the red one), Apocaliptic (the fuchsia pink one), and Stellar (the pinky red one). Trust me they are all very different colours and my picture doesn’t do them justice at all. These Lipglosses are so great because they look just like a glossy lipstick when they are on. The great thing about using these instead of lipstick is that they keep your lips soft instead of lipstick that makes your lips dry. They stay on pretty much all day and the colours are just incredible! The prices can vary but they are usually around £6.00 from any drugstore eg. Boots, Superdrug, Semi Chem etc.

Number three is the Rimmel London 60 second nail polish in the colour ‘little bo peep.’ I love the Rimmel London nail polishes because they literally do dry in 60 seconds and they have quite a fat brush and you can get pretty much your whole nail in one stroke. I have had this colour on for most of the month of August and although it isn’t that summery I just love it. It is a very subtle colour. I got it from Boots and it was £3.00.

Lastly number four is the song ‘Miss Jackson’ by ‘Panic! at the disco.’ I love this song and I have literally been listening to it ever since it came out. I don’t think there has been a day in August when I haven’t listened to this song. Everyone should go and check it out.


2 responses to “My August favourites!

  1. Just started school today, I am going to see if I can find the “Gel Highlighters”. If it goes on like a crayon that would be great. Most highlighters soak through the paper and smudge so bad you can’t see what you wrote ;( BTW i love you blog… I will be following. Talk 2 u soon.

    • Thank you! I enjoy your blog too! Buying the gel highlighters is definitely worth doing! They are so good and no they don’t soak through your paper or anything. Enjoy school…. 🙂

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